Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another Fine Mess

Alp Premier is a beautiful yarn I found in San Antonio a few months ago. I couldn't resist the yumminess. It was approx $30.00 a skein. Since I had nothing better to do while DH was at work, (yep, he works there, we live here...) I bought it. It sat in the stash for a month or so while I finished MIL's socks for Christmas. Lately I saw it made up into a shawl at my LYS. Silly me, I thought I could get away with only 1 skein. I have already knit this poor yarn 3 times. 1st time was Cat Bordhi’s Mobius cowl scarf. It looked more like a clown collar. No pics, please. Then I tried to knit a shawl, but the needles were too small. I think they were 11s. So I tried again on 13s, my largest. Ummm… It’s way too small. I noticed that one person who made a shawl out of it on Ravelry used two skeins. I’m not willing to go for another skein. The next reincarnation will be a plain straight longways scarf. I better like it this time. What possessed me to buy it in this colorway anyway? I know it must have been the brilliantly colored ribbon yarn. As I’m knitting it I think of Masquerade. My kids did the song in High School show choir and I sewed all the costumes in brightly colored lame. It was beautiful. Well, at least I thought so. ;)