Sunday, January 06, 2008

I was wondering how others work on their blogs. Mine seems to go in fits and starts. Sometimes I have the words and no pictures, and other times I don't know what to say. At the moment I'm blown away. I went looking for inspiration at Grumperina's blog and this is what I found. She's married! Woah. That is so cool. I haven't checked in on her blog for a while and, well, I never suspected. Anyway, congrats! I took some pics of the repair I'm doing to the sleeves of the lace blouse.

Before and After
I think it looks better after. I wouldn't be comfortable with the pattern interrupted under my armpits. Just a little distracting, I think. I ended up just knitting all the way. There didn't seem to be room for the purls to show up except to continue up the center of the pattern. Ahh, now that the holiday rush is over I can concentrate on getting my own stuff done again. Mmmmm, more socks perhaps? I got this yummy yarn just before the holidays and I can't wait to start something.

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