Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cheryl's London Adventure Day 2

Day 2 was dreary and wet.
The morning started badly when I realized that I had lost one of my fingerless cashmere gloves. I t must have fallen  out of my purse when I pulled out my guide book. I had to keep getting my bearings, so it could be anywhere - in Hyde Park or on the train. Maybe even in the lovely pub I had lunch at. Who Knows? Anyway I  spent too much of the  morning planning my route and pouting. I didn’t really want to go out but who wants to spend the day in a hotel room?

I finally made my way to the train station en route to Pudley. Luckily I had the foresight to pack an umbrella. Stash yarns was my destination. I misread where the train let out and got a little confused about where I was. I was able to find my way to the shop though, through the puddles and my hat nearly blowing off when I crossed the Thames. Unfortunately, the shop has been closed down. What a disappointment! I passed a little resale shop on the way back and stopped inside. They had the cutest rain hat.

The next stop was I Knit London in Westminster. That’s a fair distance from Pudley. Completely across town, in fact. I finally got there, quite soggy, with another walk across the Thames. The wind kicks up over the water so I was cold as well as wet. I Knit was on a quiet little street a few blocks from Westminster station. I bought some lovely blue Wensleydale  wool to replace my fingerless gloves. I wear a lot of blue. It’s not cashmere but it is sooo soft. Now I want to go back and get another skein for a hat and maybe some for a scarf for Rex. Perhaps on Thursday.

As I came back from my day of frolicking in the rain, This scene greeted me outside of the train station. The 30th Annual Brit Awards. The crowds were out despite the rain. I suppose we do the same in Hollywood. This is the British version of the Grammy Awards. All the pop tarts - I mean stars were out. ;) 

After Rex and Kiki got done with work, we went out to the Troubadour Club for dinner and some music. This is such a cool bohemian spot for great food and music. Dylan and Hendrix played there. I'm sure many others, but that's who they advertise. Here's the door.
and the ceiling...

Hat Tuesday. Wear a had at dinner and get a free dessert!
Beer anyone? Bud looks different in Britain!

(the) Universal. Cool local music at the Troubadour Club.
psst... This is the Original Troubadour. Doug Weston's got nothing on this one!

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